Month: July 2018

Jackson McKeehan

Black and white portrait of a man

Jackson McKeehan works visually through complicated narratives and magical thinking. Referencing pop culture and personal memory and blending with film, performance, and writing, McKeehan explores affect, time, and people and places in in-between spaces.

Lau Hochi

Lau Hochi works in the area of human-technology relation, interactivity, cybernetics, and computational media. Through making devices, interactive systems, and installations, he explores how technology shapes our way of seeing and everyday life. His works aim to problematize the idea of power, manipulation, and adaptation in technological systems.

Nathalie Moreno

As an interdisciplinary artist, Nathalie Moreno focuses on costumes, video and performance. Her work plays with the performative, often stereotypical, signifiers of Latinx identity, aiming to question and expand the iconographic significance of the Latinx body.

Max Spitzer

Max Spitzer is a teaching artist who works with large sculptures and small children. By conflating interactive object design, intuitive formalist abstraction, semiotic analysis, and pedagogical strategies, he questions the social implications of sculpture making and its potential to be harnessed as an educational tool.

David Noel

David Noel draws from lived experiences to find unusual expressions of modern warfare in everyday life. Inspired by culture, politics, and the American Dream, his work takes on a variety of forms in an effort to re-frame the downstream effects of war in connection with our current moment.

Huidi Xiang

Photograph of Huidi Xiang

Huidi Xiang weaves together her educational background in architecture design and her fascination with cartoon animations to invent an artist lexicon that allows her to create artwork in a playful yet forensic, personal yet universal gesture. Her sculptures and installations often resemble existing functional objects or systems but with twisted plots, thus generating alternative narratives that reveal hidden aspects of existing ideologies.