Month: June 2019

Petra Floyd

Black and white photograph of a woman holding a circular saw and smiling at the camera

Petra Floyd uses drawing, sculpture, writing, printmaking, and performance to meditate on Blackness in the United States and other sites of the African diaspora, focusing on reinvention through inherited and appropriated material culture and performance.

Marianne Hoffmeister Castro

Photograph of Marianne Hoffmeister Castro

Marianne Hoffmeister Castro’s work focuses on the role of language and fiction in the representation of nature and nonhuman beings. Mostly working with video installations, drawing, and text-based processes, she creates scenarios where estrangement and entanglement between human and nonhuman beings become evident.

Matthew McGaughey

Black and white headshot of a man with shaggy hair

Matthew McGaughey’s work explores how cultural products and lived experiences conspire to perpetuate hidden hegemonic social structures. Through bifurcation and distancing, Matthew engineers unsettling situations in which normative cultural images and scenarios reveal themselves as fabrications. His work strives to expose ways in which even our most intimate emotional interactions are deeply informed by scripted motifs.