Month: April 2020

Letter from Head of School Charlie White

Grid of 16 headshots of School of Art seniors

I am reaching out so that we might reflect on our past six weeks apart, look toward the close of this historic term, and begin to consider the shape of the coming fall.

Senior Spotlight: Sophia Qin

Photograph of Sophia Qin sitting in her studio at Carnegie Mellon University

I have been collecting fallen leaves to create an animation of the daily rituals that are subtly changing because of the pandemic.

Senior Spotlight: Coco Allred

Headshot of Coco Allred

I create sculptures with absurd functionality that sit in contrast to the ease and optimization expected from the designs they mimic.

Senior Spotlight: Cora Hickoff

Photograph of Cora Hickoff

I’m fascinated by the fierce, lawless imagination that children have, and how it thrives in the shadow of a real world filled with terrible loss.

Senior Spotlight: Holly Scott

Photograph of Holly Scott lying asleep on a chair

I’m trying to wrangle a whole bunch of big ideas about capitalism and family and memory and trauma and empathy and the super out-of-touch idea that humans can somehow ‘escape’ into space.

Senior Spotlight: Sydney Krantz

Headshot of Sydney Krantz with her studio behind her

My work references the things that reside at the edges of our awareness and understanding; the impossibly big and the incomprehensibly small.