Month: July 2020

Laura Hudspith

Photograph of Laura Hudspith

Laura Hudspith’s interdisciplinary work explores the relationship between chronic illness and feminist action. With a focus in autotheoretical methodologies, her work positions practice, performance, and product as indistinguishable elements that are equally personal and political in nature. Casting and capturing pieces of herself in poetic texts, sculpture and lens-based work, Hudspith enacts rituals of self-imposed objectification where the asomatous is somatically shed and agency reclaimed.

Sarah Bowling

Photograph of Sarah Bowling

Sarah Bowling is an interdisciplinary artist exploring the power dynamics embedded within intimacy and relationships, the phases of vulnerability within the self, and the weight of desire. Her work is brightly colored, blingy, and unapologetically demands attention.

Caroline Yoo

Photograph of Caroline Yoo with the word "FOREIGNER" behind her lit in neon

Caroline Yoo’s past informs her work exploring the boundaries between belonging, othering, and being. Using her body as vessel, she poses questions on larger topics of power structures and embedded cultural norms in relation to immigration, race, gender, and sexuality.

Rebecca Shapass

Photograph of Rebecca Shapass

Working across film, video, installation, performance, and text, Rebecca Shapass creates bio-mythographic, audio-visual worlds where the fissures between personal and collective memory are mined to reveal fragile systems of perception and remembering.

Anisha Baid

Anisha Baid’s practice and research involve an investigation of pervasive technologies through an examination of their design, diversity of use, and their relationship with ideas from science fiction. Her work attempts to poke at the flat-scapes of the computer screen to decode computer labor through the interface — a technological tool that has converted most spaces of work into image space.

Rosabel Rosalind

Photograph of Rosabel Rosalind sitting in front of one of her paintings

Rosabel’s visual language has been informed by her extensive Garbage Pail Kids collection, soap opera sets, hitler’s mustache, anti-infestations, her lazy eye, being a little gay, synchronized swimming, traffic on the 405, sunburns, heartburn, stained glass windows, her rollerskating Bat Mitzvah party and her Zayde.