Month: September 2020

Work of the Week: Jen DeLuna

Figures of various colors gathered around a pool filled with pink water

Jen DeLunaSummer 2005, 93°F, 85% Humidity 48 in x 60 in Acrylic, oil, glitter, rhinestones, felt on canvas I have felt that this painting marks a turning point in how I’ve thought about not only my artwork but the way I approach each piece. It’s not only the largest painting I’ve created thus far, it’s… Read more »

Lauren O’Connor-Korb

Lauren’s research interests include language and the creation of meaning through systems and methods of communication.

Laura Hudspith MFA ’23 Awarded an Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation Grant

Laura Hudspith MFA ’23 has been awarded an international artist grant from the Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation for the production of her ongoing body of work “Illness and Objecthood,” as she pursues her Masters of Fine Arts at Carnegie Mellon University. These prestigious grants are awarded to artists working in figuration and other representational modes. Foundation… Read more »

Caroline Yoo MFA ’23 Performs in “Sacred Wounds”

In a dark space with bright red and link light, a person is behind bars

Caroline Yoo MFA ’23 with collaborator Kayla Tange performs “Nine, Mine (Man-Eater | 남자 잡아 먹는 여우)” in the online event “Sacred Wounds” on September 2. Curated by Kayla Tange and Wang Newton, “Sacred Wounds” explores traditions, history and truths and how they can be transformed into visionary offerings. The event creates a space for… Read more »