Month: November 2022

Kelly Zheng

Kelly Zheng is an interdisciplinary artist concentrated on painting/drawing, hci, animation, and 3D modeling.

Shelly Zhang

Shelly Zhang is an interdisciplinary electronic media artist.

Emmanuel Lugo

Emmanuel Lugo is an electronic media artist and bio-artist with a focus on cultural practices of death, climate catastrophe, and archiving organic material.

Jean Cho

Jean is a 3D modeler, surfacer, and animator.

Mila Fejzo

Mila Fejzo primarily works with oil paint and ceramics. They draw inspiration from their struggles with mental illness, while highlighting their recovery, as well as their prior studies in the biological sciences, and their non-binary gender identity. Instagram

Jennifer Shin

Jennifer Shin is a multidisciplinary artist working primarily in textiles and craft, exploring the themes of home, memory, and ephemera.

Peggy Shen

Peggy Shen studies art, human-computer interaction, and information systems

M. Tayao

M. is an interdisciplinary artist who explores the spatial and temporal reverberations of human and more-than-human relationships.

Angelica Bonilla Fominaya

Angelica Bonilla (A.B) Fominaya is an anti-disciplinary artist and aspiring scientist interested in machine co-creation and algorithmic crafts.

Ajunie Virk

Ajunie Virk is an interdisciplinary artist working primarily in animation and new media, who strives to create narratives that question the relationships between ourselves and our objects