Category: Senior Spotlight

Senior Spotlight: Monica Chang

My head is constantly running through images of people that have taken a part of or are still existent in my life and I generate real or made-up narratives around them.

Senior Spotlight: Universal Hunte

I love HipHop to the absolute death and as it has tightened its hold around me, I’ve had to find ways to make its worth known in the academic art space.

Senior Spotlight: Lily Bridges

I am not sure what I would be doing without my professors Leo and Katie. It’s so important to have people you can trust here and I feel lucky all the time to have had them as my mentors while I’ve developed as an artist and a person.

Senior Spotlight: Brandon Hyun

By reuse and reinterpretation of an object, I try to create a space where my audience can have their own association and interpretation of the world that we live in.