Category: Senior Spotlight

Senior Spotlight: Evelyn Pandos

I want to make work that makes people feel close to me when they see it, and have conversations with people about art that make me feel close to them.

Senior Spotlight: Emmett Donlon

My work consists of painting, sculpture, and taxidermy that try to answer questions about boredom, loss, and coming out in both my own personal and shared histories.

Senior Spotlight: Kathy Zhang

I’m passionate about environmental justice and am also interested in the cultural systems surrounding sustainable waste management.

Senior Spotlight: Liza Goncharova

Photo of Liza Goncharova against a red rock wall

I am currently working on a series of small, explorative, chance-based drawings that I hope might one day become ideas for costumes or props in an absurd ballet or film.

Senior Spotlight: Sheenu You

Headshot of Sheenu You

I am interested in telling deep subjects through funny and entertaining characters and scenarios. Oh, and I like animating blobs!