Category: Senior Spotlight

Senior Spotlight: Peter Sheehan

Headshot of Peter Sheehan sitting at his desk

Hopefully, I make something that is a more exciting, venomous version of Monopoly, kept track of with Arduino boards and LCD screens.

Senior Spotlight: Katie Tender

Headshot of Katie Tender outside in front of a house

I’m interested in creating stories and situations that are driven by characters with bizarre, niche, or idiosyncratic belief systems.

Senior Spotlight: Taylor Vence

Photograph of Taylor Vence in her studio at Carnegie Mellon University

Rural Ohio influences a lot of my work, and it’s been refreshing to be immersed in that world rather than having to imagine it.

Senior Spotlight: Lumi Barron

Headshot of Lumi Barron with a cup of tea

I’m currently working on a series of quick stop motion videos, each directed by new daily and weekly constraints.

Senior Spotlight: Sophia Qin

Photograph of Sophia Qin sitting in her studio at Carnegie Mellon University

I have been collecting fallen leaves to create an animation of the daily rituals that are subtly changing because of the pandemic.

Senior Spotlight: Coco Allred

Headshot of Coco Allred

I create sculptures with absurd functionality that sit in contrast to the ease and optimization expected from the designs they mimic.

Senior Spotlight: Cora Hickoff

Photograph of Cora Hickoff

I’m fascinated by the fierce, lawless imagination that children have, and how it thrives in the shadow of a real world filled with terrible loss.