Category: Senior Spotlight

Senior Spotlight: Holly Scott

Photograph of Holly Scott lying asleep on a chair

I’m trying to wrangle a whole bunch of big ideas about capitalism and family and memory and trauma and empathy and the super out-of-touch idea that humans can somehow ‘escape’ into space.

Senior Spotlight: Sydney Krantz

Headshot of Sydney Krantz with her studio behind her

My work references the things that reside at the edges of our awareness and understanding; the impossibly big and the incomprehensibly small.

Senior Spotlight: Nana Cheon

Image of Nana Cheon leaning back in a chair against a blue background

Since working from home: “It has been productive and healing to be able to revisit old practices such as painting and drawing.”

Senior Spotlight: Selina Lee

Half length portrait of Selina Lee against a dark background

The images I study are the easy or obvious representation of socio-political differences, but by working with them, I can complicate their intake both materially and as an attitude interpersonally.

Senior Spotlight: Miranda Miller

Photograph of Miranda Miller in a denim patchwork jumper in front of her family stories quilt

I call myself a sculptor because someone once told me “everyone has a vague idea of what that means, but no one’s willing to ask.”

Senior Spotlight: Diane Lee

Black and white photograph of Diane Lee taken in a bathroom mirror

I work mostly in photography and visual narrative, but I think a lot about stories that can be told through the invisible.