Category: People

Ling-lin Ku

Ling-lin Ku is a multimedia sculptor who plays in-between digital data and tangible materials through digital fabrication.

Britt Ransom

Britt Ransom probes the lines between human, animal, and environmental relationships through sculpture and installations.

Jenna Boyles

Jenna Boyles is an interdisciplinary artist who works sculpturally with electronics and things-considered-trash using craft based techniques.

Yoko Sekino-Bové

Yoko Sekino-Bové’s work has also been shown and collected in Canada, South Korea, Japan, Latvia, Turkey, Portugal, and Dominican Republic

Ashley Kim

Ashley Kim is an interdisciplinary creator interested in computer-based interactivity and user experience design.

Shuyu Zhang

Shuyu is a computer science and art student who likes to combine the best of both disciplines.

Sarah Di

Sarah is a Chinese-American multimedia artist and computer scientist interested in various forms of audio and visual storytelling.

Neve Monroe-Anderson

Neve Monroe-Anderson uses illustration, photography, experimental bookmaking, and other mediums to investigate their desire to change the way in which they see the world.

Najj Al-Mahi

Najjiyya “Najj” Al-Mahi uses video, 2D traditional and digital drawings to give visual form to the expansive worlds in her head and homes for the characters she creates. Najj is currently studying visual arts and creative writing to enter the world of film and screenwriting, and eventually direct her ideas on the silver screen. Instagram… Read more »