Category: People

Paul Carlo Esposito

Photograph of Paul Carlo Esposito

Paul Carlo Esposito is an artist, designer, scientist and educator whose practice dissolves the boundaries between the human and the natural environment.

Sharmistha Ray

Photograph of Sharmistha Ray

Sharmistha Ray is an artist, writer, and educator whose work includes paintings, drawings, printmaking, sculptures, installations, photographs, cultural programming, lectures, and hybrid texts. Their writings have been published in various online and print magazines including Art Asia Pacific, Hyperallergic, Artcritical, Ocula, Art India, and the India editions of Vogue and Elle.

Nikolas Diamant

Photograph of Nikolas Diamant

Nikolas Diamant’s work deals in existential horrors and jokes, dynamics of control, and lossy (or gainy?) functions.

Lanna Lang

Photograph of Lanna Lang

Lanna Lang focuses on the process of creation and the exploration of materials and their utilization.

Hannah FitzGerald

Photograph of Hannah FitzGerald

Hannah FitzGerald’s work often pertains to the body and is sometimes mixed with language and imagery of obscure clichés.

Dani Moll

Photograph of Dani Moll

Dani Moll’s work is inspired by anything fleshy, kitschy, grotesque, or culturally bizarre.

Cassie Scheirer

Photograph of Cassie Scheirer

Cassie Scheirer is dedicated to installing a greater sense of social responsibility within her viewers.

Jessa Westheimer

Photograph of Jessa Westheimer

Jessa Westheimer is an interdisciplinary maker and artist studying Neurobiology, Art, and Media Design.

Hojung Kim

Photograph of Hojung Kim

Hojung Kim is an animator and illustrator, who at times enjoys creating books.