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Elizabeth Keller

• Assists with staffing and structural oversight of the School. • Coordinates faculty and staff job searches and new hire on-boarding, as well as cases of faculty reappointment, promotion, and tenure. • With Business Manager, oversees planning and logistics of School of Art visitors (lectures, classroom speakers, etc). • Manages community outreach initiatives.

Keni Jefferson

• Provides SOA and HUB forms, waitlist, and E-grades assistance to faculty. • Coordinates BFA reviews. • Distributes, monitors, and orders studio/classroom keys. • Manages the reservation schedule for hallways, foyers, and Ellis Gallery. • Schedules figure drawing models. • With Technical Manager, coordinates studio lottery and selection. • Manages SOA events.

Kellie Hames

• Maintains and monitors intaglio, lithography and serigraphy studios and related inventory. • Assists students and faculty using printmaking facilities. • Maintains and monitors the digital print studio and processes digital print requests. • Oversees safety procedures for these areas. • Handles scheduling for Doherty Hall critique space.

Mark Cato

• Undergraduate academic advisor, administrative support regarding curriculum planning, course scheduling, registration, waitlists and liaison with campus departments on related matters. • Faculty contact for students with academic performance problems and/or special circumstances (personal/academic). • Approves changes in student status, independent study, internships, etc. Schedule an appointment:

Scott Andrew

Black and white photograph of a person in an elaborate, shiny costume with two large glowing orbs

Scott Andrew is a multimedia queer-oriented video, installation, and performance artist. He creates speculative fantasies that peer into otherworldly portals and voids. He has exhibited at MoMA’s PopRally Performance Series (NYC), Ballroom Marfa (Marfa, TX), the Hammer Museum (LA), and the J. Paul Getty Museum (LA), among others. Recently, Andrew has worked as a media… Read more »

Bob Bingham

Bingham received a BA in Art from Montana State University, Bozeman and a MFA from University of California, Davis. He is currently a professor of the School of Art and a Distinguished Fellow in the STUDIO For Creative Inquiry at Carnegie Mellon University. His work has been acknowledged with awards and grants including: NEA, PA… Read more »

James Duesing

James Duesing has worked in many forms of animation, from traditional hand drawn and early digital work to 3D and motion capture projects. He has explored animation individually and collaboratively in film and digital forms along with its integration into installation, web eBook and print. In his book HYPERANIMATION DIGITAL IMAGES AND VIRTUAL WORLDS, animation… Read more »

Andrew Ellis Johnson

Andrew Ellis Johnson was born in Cortland NY to a jazz guitarist, civil war historian father and science major mother who, together, won many bowling tournaments. He made his first life-size faux bronze sculpture of Baron Manfred Von Richtoven at age 13, miniature marzipan figurines of Fats Waller at 11 and his first film cycle… Read more »

Jamie Gruzska

Jamie Gruzska currently teaches photography and is the administrator for the college’s interdisciplinary photo program but works in painting and printmaking, autographic forms that have deeply influenced his thinking about photography. Increasingly committed to the huge currency of the “picture on a wall,” he has practiced un-discipline in his work, convinced that simultaneity will invite… Read more »

Golan Levin

Golan Levin is an artist, engineer, researcher and educator interested in new intersections of machine code, visual culture, and critical making. His work combines equal measures of the whimsical, the provocative, and the sublime in an eclectic variety of online, installation and performance media. Through responsive artifacts, virtual environments, and media provocations, Levin applies creative… Read more »