Category: People

Mickey/Michelle Cao

Michelle/Mikey Cao is a Chinese-Georgian artist who largely works with illustration and 2D animation.

Matthew Lucien Komar

Matthew’s work ventures between proof-of-concept to full out execution of novel ideas and themes.

Magda Gourinchas

Part of Magda’s creative process is driven by memories and moments in which she or someone close has experienced mental or physical pain.

Lauren Kung

My work is driven by my desire to create objects and experiences for specific people, including myself, my past self, and those who I am close to.

Ester Petukhova

My relationship with space has always been a temporal one, as displaced migrants seldom are tethered to one language, one experience or one nation’s livelihood.

Caroline Kroger

Houston-born artist Caroline Kroger creates surrealist images and objects through painting and sculpture that engage the viewers’ playful curiosity.

Audrey Renouf

Audrey is multimedia artist whose work focuses on language and communication.

Ameer Jones

Ameer works primarily in 2D image production, using both traditional and digital media and also works with 2D and 3D animation.

Sanna Legan

Sanna Legan is an interdisciplinary social justice artist focusing on women’s health, eating disorders, menstruation rights, and other forms of female oppression.