Category: People

Inbar Hagai

Inbar Hagai works largely in long-term projects, combining video, VR and sculpture, as well as experimental art films verging on the documentary. She focuses mainly on human-animal power relations, the way the feminine image is constructed through kitshi fantasies and the ethical ambivalence of art.

Julianna Johnston

Julianna Johnston’s work begins with human interaction. Co-opting the mechanisms of the surveillance state and the visual lexicon of data collection, they analyze workshops and participatory experiments. Re-presenting them in time-based works and performances that call into question the limits, inaccuracies, and biases inherent in contemporary interfaces and digitally mediated experiences.

Sobia Ahmad

Sobia Ahmad’s interdisciplinary practice investigates how our deeply intimate struggles of belonging can inform larger conversations about national identity, notions of home, cultural memory, and gender. By weaving personal and communal narratives with current and historical socio-political contexts, she highlights the inseparability of the self and larger power structures.

Sheika Lugtu

Sheika Lugtu is a cartoonist, educator, and publisher.

Orianna Green

Photograph of Orianna Green

Orianna focuses on pieces that pertain to family and other relationship dynamics, as well as confronting uncomfortable situations.

Evelyn Pandos

Photograph of Evelyn Pandos

Evelyn is interested in the mundane and everyday observations of objects and events overlooked and ordinary.

Eileen Lee

Photograph of Eileen Lee

Eileen Lee is an illustrator, printmaker, and designer who enjoys creating silly and sentimental characters and imagery.

Sophie Paul

Sophie’s work explores patterns and phenomena in the nano-scale, such as the structure of crystals and optical diffraction.

Sanjay Salem

Photograph of Sanjay Salem

Sanjay Salem is an animator, a programmer, and a designer.