Category: Seniors

Senior Profiles

Sanna Legan

Sanna Legan is an interdisciplinary social justice artist focusing on women’s health, eating disorders, menstruation rights, and other forms of female oppression.

Ilona Altman

I am an artist whose making is tied to a personal practice of listening, and meditation.

Vic Naumov

Vic is an animator interested in queer fantasy, and enjoys exploring both 2D and 3D animation mediums.

Annalyn Smith

Annalyn Smith is an interdisciplinary artist & historian, studying Social & Political History as well as photography and 2-dimensional art mediums.

Shori Sims

Shori Sims was born in 1999 in Baltimore, Maryland and now lives and works in Pittsburgh, PA.

David Nam

David is a programmer and an artist.

Justin Lee

ustin studies animation, which he had strong interest in since his youth due to his frequent contact with Cartoon Network shows and Disney’s animated features.

Ellena Sakai

Family no matter what, No matter what familyI created a piece that is quite personal to me but I wanted to focus on the positive aspects of it. I used my family’s faces and mix and matched them to show what it means to be a family. The moving image and the projection was to… Read more »

Orianna Green

Photograph of Orianna Green

Orianna focuses on pieces that pertain to family and other relationship dynamics, as well as confronting uncomfortable situations.

Evelyn Pandos

Photograph of Evelyn Pandos

Evelyn is interested in the mundane and everyday observations of objects and events overlooked and ordinary.