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Senior Profiles

Samuel Horgan

It’s important to be apprised of these five facts.

Zeja Copes

Photograph of Zeja Copes

Zeja Copes is primarily interested in how fantasy and horror tropes can be used to bring reality into focus.

Tianlan Jiang

TJ is dedicated to exploring the physical linkage between the existence of humans and nature

Steven Montinar

Photograph of Steven Montinar

Steven Montinar creates art that highlights the everyday oppression of black individuals in America and develops works acknowledging and paying homage to the contributions of black society.

Rigved Deshpande

Photograph of Rigved Deshpande

Raised by frontier-Era Internet and foreclosed punk rock venues, mild-mannered Rig decimates the vertices of technological alienation down to its load-bearing polygons.

Orianna Green

Photograph of Orianna Green

Orianna focuses on pieces that pertain to family and other relationship dynamics, as well as confronting uncomfortable situations.

Lexin Yuan

Photograph of Lexin Yuan

Lexin is a student of the storytelling arts, venturing into mediums that allow for the exploration of characters who are full of life and personality.

Keegan Barone

Photograph of Keegan Barone

Keegan Barone is a multimedia artist creating work about her own experience as a woman athlete living in the United States.

Kathy Zhang

Photograph of Kathy Zhang

Kathy is an interdisciplinary artist studying Environmental & Sustainability Studies and Art.