Category: Seniors

Senior Profiles

Eileen Lee

Photograph of Eileen Lee

Eileen Lee is an illustrator, printmaker, and designer who enjoys creating silly and sentimental characters and imagery.

Sophie Paul

Sophie’s work explores patterns and phenomena in the nano-scale, such as the structure of crystals and optical diffraction.

Sanjay Salem

Photograph of Sanjay Salem

Sanjay Salem is an animator, a programmer, and a designer.

Perry Naseck

Photograph of Perry Naseck

Perry Naseck is an artist, engineer, and student with an interest in interactive, kinetic, light- and time-based media.

Olivia Cunnally

Photograph of Olivia Cunnally

Olivia Cunnally is an interdisciplinary artist whose practice mainly consists of narrative and documentary film, video games, and interactive media.

Lily Bridges

Photograph of Lily Bridges

Through photography and online performance, Lily is reflecting on her experiences as an older sister, military brat, and teenager growing up around alcoholism in yuppieneck southern Maryland.

Kristine Kim

Photograph of Kristine Kim

Kristine’s art practice is centered around her religion and her identity and journey as a Christian.

Khushi Nandgaonkar

Khushi tends to use video/ film as her primary medium because she finds something curious and truthful in a moving image.

Julie Lee

Julie Lee (she/her) is a Korean-American artist from Alabama working primarily in photography and collage.

Jonas Petkus

Photos of Jonas Petkus

Jonas is working on a long-term world-building project based on Marlo Thomas and Friends’ “Free To Be You and Me,” made up of mostly colored pencil drawings and paintings.