Category: Staff.

Michael Muelhaupt

Micheal Muelhaupt maintains and monitors the wood shop, metal shop, ceramics studio, vacuum former, and mold making/casting.

Jenna Boyles

Jenna Boyles is an interdisciplinary artist who works sculpturally with electronics and things-considered-trash using craft based techniques.

Sheika Lugtu

Sheika Lugtu is a cartoonist, educator, and publisher.

Leslie Gordon

• Administrative Assistant to Head of School. • Information and reception desk. • Distributes mail. • Maintains copier, office supplies, and provisions. • Manages SOA calendar.

Bill Rodgers

Coordinates Pre-College Summer Program, hires and oversees instructors and teaching assistants.

Carol Hernandez

Carol Hernandez assists with School of Art financial transactions including staff, faculty, and student reimbursements as well as purchasing card transactions.

Julie Azzam

• Works directly with Graduate Program Director, affiliated faculty, and students on all Graduate Program related issues including admissions, student enrollment, course registration, scheduling, and events. • Assists in the coordination of graduate reviews, assistantships, and advisors.

Andy Ptaschinski

• Oversees the creation and distribution of all internal and external communications for the School of Art. • Oversees production and distribution of all printed promotional materials related to the School. • Manages publication of the Weekly Newsletter, as well as all website and social media content. • Assists in the coordination of School of… Read more »

Wayne Savage

• Manages personnel and human resources matters. • Manages SOA budgets and payroll. • Manages graduate student funding. • Orders classroom supplies at the request of faculty. • Posts art materials fees charges to student accounts.

Robert Kollar

• Maintains computers and other electronic media equipment and software. • Maintains and supports audiovisual equipment in classrooms. • Administrates network and telephone activations. • Provides technical support. • Manages Media Equipment Center • Oversees general upkeep, maintenance, and renovations of School of Art classrooms, studios, and offices. • With the Undergraduate Activities Coordinator, manages… Read more »