Category: Third Year MFA

Lee Webster

Lee Webster works with and against the conventions of documentary and narrative filmmaking to examine the complex yet mutable stuff by which we weave the stories that become our personal and social mythologies. She resituates filmic structures as installation, looped video, and live performance to ask the viewer to look between frames for the mortar that holds a story together.

Joseph Gray Swartzel

Gray Swartzel is a multimedia artist who investigates his biological and constructed familial matrilineage through the lenses of gender construction and sexuality fabrication through public and personal masquerade. He works to blur the lines between masculinity/femininity, man/woman, and son/mother through concepts of bio-politics and psychoanalysis, such as Lacan’s objet petit a.

Everest Pipkin

Everest Pipkin is a drawing and language artist whose work follows landscape as complicated by the advent of digital space. Through examination of social spaces online, the physical infrastructure that supports digital technology, and the overlap of public and corporatized space, Pipkin questions the ease at which the commons- physical, social, and digital- are commodified.

Alex Lukas

Alex Lukas’ practice incorporates drawing, sculpture, audio and distributable printed material to interrogate the dissemination of language alongside formed notions of place and time, both real and imagined. His current research focuses on the liminal space of American highways and the vernacular roadside through the lens of history and speculative, post-apocalyptic fiction.

Shobun Baile

Shobun Baile works in video, installation, sound, and writing, critically looking at the role that design and designers play in shaping reality. He explores institutionalized distinctions between function and aesthetics, necessity and desire, and the ways these distinctions shape identity in a globalized economy.