• Lecture Series: Kevin Beasley

    Kevin Beasley’s work in sculpture, installation, sound, and video uses found objects, such as clothing, studio debris, and music samples, to excavate personal and cultural meaning through references to current events, social movements, and economic realities.

  • Lecture Series: Allison Smith

    Allison Smith takes an expansive view of sculpture, combining social practice, performance, and traditional crafts to examine how American history has been constructed and how it may be revised, retold, and reinterpreted.

  • Lecture Series: Cristóbal Martínez

    Cristóbal Martínez’s work seeks to reveal the vexing nature of our complex memories, amnesias, behaviors, beliefs, assumptions, choices, and relationships to create experiences that move beyond the human instinct to simplify.

  • Lecture Series: Dread Scott

    Dread Scott works in a range of media including performance, photography, screen-printing, and video, challenging viewers to reexamine unifying ideals and values of American society, often by focusing on African American experience.

  • Lecture Series: Andrea Zittel

    Since the early 1990s, Andrea Zittel has used the arena of her day-to-day life to develop and test prototypes for living structures and situations to illuminate how we attribute significance to chosen structures or ways of life and how arbitrary any choice of structure can be.