• Lenka Clayton and Jon Rubin

    Lenka Clayton & Jon Rubin

    Both Lenka Clayton and Jon Rubin are known for their extensive work in social practice and public engagement.

  • Lecture Series: Sean Lynch

    Lynch’s sculptures, installations, and multimedia work stems from an interest in the role that history, especially forgotten history, plays in our lives.

  • MFA Thesis Exhibition: Above, Below, After Until

    “Above, Below, After, Until” examines the dynamic relationships between land, labor, and cultural memory through experiential installation, sculpture, and video.

  • Beverly Semmes

    Lecture Series: Beverly Semmes

    Beverly Semmes works across sculpture, painting, drawing, film, photography, and performance to probe the complexities of the female body and its representation

  • Tavares Strachan

    Lecture Series: Tavares Strachan

    Conceptual artist Tavares Strachan calls into question the conditions that legitimize certain cultural histories while obscuring and erasing others.