• Black-and-white animation of people on a raft in a turbulent sea

    Lecture Series: Johannes DeYoung

    Blending computer animation with experimental processes in painting and drawing, Johannes DeYoung’s work explores themes of animism and human psychology.

  • Installation view of an exhibition showing an abstract wood sculpture and photographs of instruments of war (bullets, bombs, etc.)

    Lecture Series: Walid Raad

    Walid Raad’s work examines the role of documentation in the representation of collective traumatic events and their use in the construction of memory and narrative.

  • Painting of a mask-like figure and a bird skeleton with eyes against a night sky

    Lecture Series: Renée Stout

    Renée Stout’s work in painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, and installation encourage self-examination, self-empowerment, and self-healing.

  • Large group of people sitting at tables with scraps of paper littering the floor and the words "money factory" on the wall behind them

    Lecture Series: Stephanie Syjuco

    Stephanie Syjuco creates large-scale spectacles, often with an active public component, that investigate issues of economies and empire.