• Lecture Series: Janelle Iglesias

    Iglesias’ sculptures and installations investigate how objects mediate social relationships and how objects can be read as having a form of agency.

  • Jeremy Deller

    Lecture Series: Jeremy Deller

    Working across video, installation, and social events, Jeremy Deller’s work often looks to history as a means to initiate dialogue with the public.

  • Ulrike Müller

    Lecture Series: Ulrike Müller

    Entangling abstraction with representational form, Ulrike Müller’s work creates a new discourse around gender identity and politics that resists binaries.

  • Thaddeus Mosley

    Thaddeus Mosley with Naomi Chambers

    Thaddeus Mosley’s towering, hand-carved, wood sculptures often seem to defy gravity with sensual, cantilevered shapes.

  • Lenka Clayton and Jon Rubin

    Lenka Clayton & Jon Rubin

    Both Lenka Clayton and Jon Rubin are known for their extensive work in social practice and public engagement.