• The stage saturated in purple. One dancer's hair covers her face with her arms out to the side, she stands in front of a close up pixelated projection of a white woman's face.

    Lecture Series: Anya Clarke & Mitsuko Verdery

    Founded by Anya Clark and Mitsuko Verdery, MICHIYAYA Dance creates multidisciplinary work that is queer, sensual, abstract, and physical.

  • Collaged black and white photos of Kalup Linzy dressed as many different characters against a bright orange background with a yellow cartoon sun in the corner

    Lecture Series: Kalup Linzy

    Kalup Linzy is a multidisciplinary performance artist whose works employ a variety of pop cultural forms to explore cultural identities and gender.

  • Headshot of a man standing in front of an ornate hallway

    Lecture Series: Jongwoo Jeremy Kim

    School of Art Professor Jongwoo Jeremy Kim, PhD, is a specialist of modern and contemporary art addressing issues concerning gender, race, and sexuality.

  • Seven large flat sculptures of serene faces installed in a shallow pool of water

    Lecture Series: Jaume Plensa

    Jaume Plensa creates sculptures and installations that aim to unify individuals through connections of spirituality, the body, and collective memory.

  • Gallery installation view with four large pain-scale faces constructed from fabric

    Lecture Series: Amanda Ross-Ho

    Amanda Ross-Ho appropriates and combines found images and ephemera to defamiliarize and transform everyday experience into sites of layered meaning.