• Dot Gov: Senior Art Exhibition

    Senior BFA and Interdisciplinary Art Degree students present their final projects spanning many media including painting, video, interactive works, sculpture, and installation. “Dot Gov” spans all three floors of the Miller Gallery.

  • 2018 Art Awards Exhibition

    School of Art students exhibit their best work from the year for the School’s annual art awards exhibitions! Students may exhibit work in any medium in the critique space in Doherty Hall and in the College of Fine Arts’ third floor hallways, foyers, Ellis Gallery, and forth floor loge.

  • B★A Presentations

    B★A Presentations are short, five minute artist talks where undergraduate art students can present their work to the CMU community and beyond and be inspired by what their fellow students are doing.

  • Meme-ish: Art, Evolution, and Un-exceptionalism

    Hirsch Perlman’s lecture will draw from his latest work, and his developing thought about art and embodiment, and why we cannot help but make meaning, metaphors, and narrative out of anything and everything from simple wood blocks to piles of garbage.

  • Lecture Series: Robb Hernández

    Robb Hernández’s forthcoming book, “Finding AIDS: Archival Body/Archival Space and the Chicano Avant-garde,” examines the role of gender and sexual transgression in the formation of Chicano art.