• Lecture Series: Sarah Oppenheimer

    Sarah Oppenheimer is an artist operating on the boundary conditions of spatial and temporal adjacency.

  • Lecture Series: Angela Dufresne

    Angela Dufresne’s work articulates porous ways of being in a world fraught by fear and possession.

  • Lecture Series: Erin Cosgrove

    The School of Art’s Kraus Distinguished Visiting Professor of Art, Erin Cosgrove, creates narrative satiric art that is packed with historical and esoteric content and spread across multiple media.

  • Lecture Series: Malik Gaines

    Artist and writer Malik Gaines is an assistant professor of Performance Studies in New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts.

  • Lecture Series: Shannon Ebner

    Shannon Ebner’s work examines the dormant language and passive symbolism of everyday life by drawing upon poetics, political rhetoric, and concrete modes of communication embedded in the landscape.