Professor DeYoung Screens Work in the Supernova Festival

Professor Johannes DeYoung presents work in the Supernova Digital Animation Festival, an exhibition and celebration of digital animation and motion-art in Denver, Colorado, September 3-20. World on Fire is an apt theme for 2020 Supernova, supporting the need for a much greater collective consciousness across all critical paths and intersections with humanity. The festival takes place through a fully developed online platform, as well as the unique public infrastructure of LED screens located in the heart of Denver, Colorado.

Supernova kicks off on September 3 with the debut of Night Lights Denver commissioned artworks and continues throughout the month with a wide array of programs and opportunities for both the local and global community. Supernova makes use of Denver’s unique outdoor LED displays, featuring multiple screens located within a six block radius within the core of the Denver Theatre District. Located in the heart of the public theatre district, public displays present a limited view of the very best of Supernova’s full 2020 programs, running in their respective categories, with sound, throughout the month of September, each day between 12–9:30 PM. The festival invites a global public to engage with the full programs at their leisure through, the festival’s custom app and streaming service.

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