Professor Allison Smith Speaks at Wisal, A Symposium on Cross-Cultural Collaboration

Professor Allison Smith is part of panel that includes artists from the U.S. and from Saudi Arabia discussing strategies of collaboration in an academic context. They will examine questions such as: What role do educational institutions play in supporting collaborations that exist in a multidisciplinary, cross-cultural framework? What challenges do educators face within creative communities where there still remains a predominate focus on individual practice? How do large academic institutions create pathways for professors to establish relationships to promote cross-cultural learning models?

Wisal, taking place on December 4 in Washington D.C., examines the concept of collaboration and how it has existed in cultural practice both in Saudi Arabia and beyond. This one-day symposium focuses on grassroots, national, and transnational collaborations both in the United States and in Saudi Arabia with a concentration on the Bridges Program, an initiative by King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture (Ithra). The aim is to discuss different examples of the transformative ways art and creativity can be a catalyst for cross-cultural understanding and to effect meaningful change in communities. It will also act as a platform for future cross-cultural collaborations and act as a catalyst for such work.

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