Dan Sakamoto

Adjunct Professor of Art

Email: dansakamoto@cmu.edu



Dan Sakamoto is a trans-disciplinary artist and creative technologist based in Pittsburgh. He specializes in misusing mediation technologies, with the aim of reflecting and responding to the damage inflicted through inhumanely implemented mediated realities. Preferring to work in collective environments, he serves as media theorist, designer, or engineer in a variety of contexts. Previously, this led him to a position in media production at the United Nations; More recently, he worked on the design team for Steubenville, a theatrical production examining the relationship between rape culture and the media, which has since spun off and continued into other works, including a touring version for university campuses.

Projects he’s worked on have been performed or exhibited at the VIA Festival in Pittsburgh, Le Poisson Rouge in New York, the Toronto International Film Festival, and the Shanghai Interactive Festival of Theater. He received an MFA in Video + Media Design from Carnegie Mellon University in 2017.

Dan Sakamoto work image