David Noel

Third-Year MFA Candidate

Email: davidn@andrew.cmu.edu



David Noel draws from lived experiences to find unusual expressions of modern warfare in everyday life. Inspired by culture, politics, and the American Dream, his work takes on a variety of forms in an effort to re-frame the downstream effects of war in connection with our current moment. Recent projects include an audiobook for a classified document, writing a letter to the ATF about Jell-O, and leading a participatory tactical training exercise in an art space.

Noel grew up in Huntington, West Virginia, where he experienced the highs and lows of American life as a Korean-adoptee. In 2011, looking for greener pastures, he enlisted in the U.S. Army Infantry where he deployed to Kandahar, Afghanistan. After enlistment, Noel returned to WV where he attended Marshall University, receiving a BA in Art. He currently lives in Pittsburgh, PA where he is an MFA candidate at Carnegie Mellon University.

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