Ellena Sakai

Family no matter what, No matter what family
I created a piece that is quite personal to me but I wanted to focus on the positive aspects of it. I used my family’s faces and mix and matched them to show what it means to be a family. The moving image and the projection was to further show that there will be no change in family from another perspective, in this case my “other perspective” was the use of light. 

Process: I printed photos of my parents, brother and my faces on clear acetate, semi transparent acetate, and paper. I used string to sew the faces together with the hope of showing how intricate and delicate family is. I then took a wooden board, gessoed, and took these sewn faces and put them on different levels of the board using wire. I then shined a flashlight to create a projection of what I installed onto the board. 


Ellena Sakai work image