Halsey Rodman

Kraus Distinguished Visiting Professor of Art

Email: hrodman@andrew.cmu.edu



Halsey Rodman’s work proposes a consensual, productive, and liberating encounter with objects by rendering apparent the radical instability of their forms. Though appearing disparate and sometimes improvised, his work is conceived and executed using specific structural, performative, and/or temporal frameworks. Rodman often integrate gestural painting, diagrammatic drawing, and intense color with sculptural and architectural constructions. He draws inspiration from a wide-range of sources, from the Pink Panther to Lacan to Virginia Woolf and Samuel Delany; and has frequently collaborated with others to realize “event-based group figurative sculptures” and, most recently, an ongoing series of events to raise funds for a variety of progressive organizations through the sale of collaboratively produced hand-built ceramics.

Halsey Rodman work image