Huidi Xiang

Third-Year MFA Candidate




Huidi Xiang is an interdisciplinary artist from Chengdu, China. Working across architecture research, object design, and sculpture, she explores the recursive relationship between individual idiosyncrasies and collective ideologies.

During her undergraduate studies, Xiang was trained as an architect in the United States. Architecture education fosters her interests and sensibilities in the potential sociopolitical issues caused by the gap between design ideology and individual singularity. She uses her artistic expression as a methodology to explore such gap through transforming everyday generic objects, shapes or signifiers to the test the collapse of private/public dichotomy.

Combining both the seriousness from architecture design and the peculiarity from mass culture, her current work interrogates the recursive interaction, power imbalance and interstitial negotiation between personal experience and superimposing collective consciousness, such as conventions, standards or social anticipations. Her most recent artwork and design research focus on the reality of domestic life as an utter choreographic performance under contemporary urban context, and the use of object-based media to reveal the estrangement of domesticity in daily life.

Huidi Xiang work image