Jamison Edgar

Second-Year MFA Candidate

Email: jedgar@andrew.cmu.edu



Socially collaborative and often times multidisciplinary, Jamison Edgar views his artwork as an invitation for dialogue. A set for forward momentum. Paint, performance and video come together to investigate notions of identity, sexuality, intimacy, sensationalism, lineage and privilege. His grandmother would often say he was light in the loafers, and for those of you that don’t speak southern grandmother… Jamison has a faggot tattooed onto his forearm. Born in Los Angeles and raised in Atlanta, this SouthernBoi lives the best of both worlds. If you would ask him to describe his perfect date, he would say most Wednesdays because he gets to wear pink. In a one on one interview he used the phrase Lets Have a Kiki 27 times. He’s just a Johns looking for his Rausenberg in a Koons world.

Jamison Edgar work image