Jenn Gooch

Adjunct Professor of Art




Jenn Gooch is a multidisciplinary artist, musician, and dancer from Texas. Her recent work is influenced by her childhood, growing up Pentecostal outside of Dallas. Her videos, performances, and installations have been shown at the Mattress Factory, SPACE, and Pittsburgh Center for the Arts. In 2013 she created a fiber studio, WERK, that designs and fabricates textiles, sculptures, costumes for clients that include Deep Local, VIA, the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh, 20th Century Fox (Fault in Our Stars), and Quantum Theater (costume designer). Her free, traveling sewing workshop, Gender-Neutral Learn-to-Sew, was awarded a Seed Award by the Sprout Fund.  This year she started a small organic farm with her partner outside of Pittsburgh.

Jenn Gooch work image