Everest Pipkin

Third-Year MFA Candidate

Email: kpipkin@andrew.cmu.edu



Everest Pipkin is a drawing and language artist from the woods outside of Austin, Texas, whose work follows landscape as complicated by the advent of digital space.

Through examination of social spaces online, the physical infrastructure that supports digital technology, and the overlap of public and corporatized space, Pipkin questions the ease at which the commons- physical, social, and digital- are commodified. They produce printed material as books, chapbooks, and zines, as well as digital work in software, bots, and games. They also make drawings by hand, on paper.

Pipkin holds a BFA from University of Texas at Austin, are a MFA candidate at Carnegie Mellon University, and have shown nationally and internationally at The Design Museum of London, The Texas Biennial, XXI Triennale of Milan, The Victoria & Albert Museum, and others.

Everest Pipkin work image