Marianne Hoffmeister Castro

Third-Year MFA Candidate
Photograph of Marianne Hoffmeister Castro




Marianne Hoffmeister holds a BFA from Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (2014). Her work focuses on the role of language and fiction in the representation of nature and nonhuman beings. Mostly working with installation, video, drawing, and research-based processes she plays with narrative strategies and alternative stories that shift and decenter the place of our human subjectivity, but also to pose alternative views or critical examinations to the construction of Nature and Animality in our contemporary world. Through her work, storytelling is conceived as a vivid scenario to imagine the possibilities of a less-human centered world and language, as a place to perform new ways to engage with nature and to unveil curious entanglements with nonhuman domains.

She has exhibited and screened video work in Chile, United States, Ecuador, Peru, Switzerland, and participated in diverse international residency programs such as Cow House Studios, Ireland (2017); NWOSU, United States / Molten Capital, Chile, (2018); Bibliothek Andreas Züst, Switzerland (2018); Pimoa Cthulhu, First Tentacular Writing Residency at the Institute of Postnatural Studies, Madrid (2020) and Mother’s Milk in Kansas, United States (2021).

Marianne Hoffmeister Castro work image