Marianne Hoffmeister Castro

Second-Year MFA Candidate
Photograph of Marianne Hoffmeister Castro




Marianne Hoffmeister Castro’s work focuses on the role of language and fiction in the representation of nature and nonhuman beings. Mostly working with video installations, drawing, and text-based processes she plays with narrative strategies or proposes alternative stories that shift and decenter the place of our subjectivity, creating scenarios where estrangement and entanglement between human and nonhuman beings become evident.

Marianne holds a BFA from Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (2014) and has exhibited in Chile, Perú, Ecuador and the United States. She explores the place of language to perform new ways to inhabit nature and engage with the nonhuman and also as a vehicle to unveil the cues of animal perception and natural phenomena that permeate our poetic and mundane fantasies. These explorations have led her to participate in diverse international residency programs such as Cow House Studios in Ireland (2017), NWOSU AiR via Molten Capital Residencies Chile (2018), Bibliothek Andreas Züst in Switzerland (2018) and the Pimoa Cthulhu Writing Residency at the Institute of Postnatural Studies in Madrid (2020). She is now a second-year MFA candidate at Carnegie Mellon University.

Marianne Hoffmeister Castro work image