Nicholas Crockett

Third-Year MFA Candidate




Nick Crockett is an artist and programmer from a former gold rush town in the foothills of California’s Sierra Nevada mountains. He produces experimental games, participatory performances, and animation. Features include cursed treasures, fake armor, software that relies on people behind curtains, and hardware that runs on masking tape and hope.

His current work is focused on the representation of coal mining in American pop culture and discourse. Inspired by Dickensian fairy tales and American folk songs, it takes the form of a surreal fantasy animation presenting an alternative story of coal, which mingles a history of industry, exploitation, and resistance with myths of forgotten forests, crawling proto-reptiles, chthonic infernos, and a cross-talking aristocracy with reality distorting powers.

He earned his BA in Design | Media Art at the University of California Los Angeles and is pursuing an MFA at the Carnegie Mellon School of Art in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He has exhibited games and animations at media art and gaming festivals including Northern Spark Festival Minneapolis, Game Night at San Jose Museum of Art, Now Play This Festival at Sommerset House, London, the GDC Wild Rumpus Party, Amber Platform Festival Istanbul, and the UCLA Game Art Festival at the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles.

Nicholas Crockett work image