Paper Buck

Third-Year MFA Candidate




Paper Buck is a transgender interdisciplinary artist, activist, and printmaker with a reverence for innovative uses of traditional craft-based practices and analog technical processes. Current projects include cross-disciplinary works in print, painting, alternative photography, digital media, drawing, collage, and sculpture.

A foundational part of Buck’s practice has been focused on anti-racist, feminist, queer praxis, and participation in social movements. A recent body of work, History In the Present, aimed to address the intersections of familial and political histories to address the presence and residue of history in our lives. Through intimate investigation of racial and settler colonial formations, dynamics of diaspora, assimilation, globalization, and national mythology, his work challenges the force of cultural amnesia to question how we might recontextualize our past in order to shift our future.

Since arriving at CMU, works in-progress focus on the historical relationship between resource extraction and white supremacy in colonial and post-colonial contexts of capitalist formation. His current creative praxis centralizes the #NODAPL resistance movement of Lakota-led water protectors, drawing from on site participation at the Oceti Sakowin Encampment, and continued creative and political research and engagement.

Paper Buck work image