Talya Petrillo

Third-Year MFA Candidate

Email: tpetrill@andrew.cmu.edu



Talya Petrillo is a multidisciplinary artist exploring an autobiographical relationship to memory and place. Her work history and academic background in psychology encourage her to reach into a consequence of emotion through an analysis of materials and a dialogue between representational and abstracted form. During her time at Carnegie Mellon, she is working to broaden her discussion with deepened research and expansive exploration of scale and context. Originally from South Eastern Michigan, Petrillo moved to Pittsburgh from Los Angeles where she worked, studied and exhibited for roughly 5 years. Before Los Angeles, Talya spent brief stints in Austin, Texas; Seattle, Washington and Cilegon, Indonesia. Her diverse living arrangements and work environments have served as a primary catalyst for dialogue in her practice, as she fundamentally understands growth through exploration.

Talya Petrillo work image