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5 Questions for Juliacks BHA ’08

Image of an abstract artwork next to a headshot of a woman

Juliacks BHA ’08 creates multidisciplinary projects in many media including performance, films, comics-art novels, tapestries, paintings and more.

5 Questions for Doug Fritz BFA & BS ’07

Doug Fritz

“5 Questions” is a series by the School of Art that asks alumni who are transforming art, culture, and technology about their current work and time at Carnegie Mellon. Doug Fritz is a creative technologist with a keen interest in systems architecture and a passion for using technology to solve pressing real-world challenges. After graduating… Read more »

5 Questions for Mary Maggic BSA ’13

Portrait of Mary Maggic

Mary Maggic works at the intersection of biotechnology, cultural discourse, and civil disobedience, using science to investigate body and gender politics.

5 Questions for Ryan McGinness BFA ’94

“Now, as students, is your time to work as hard as you absolutely can to absorb as much as possible. The rest of your life will be a slow burn of realizing what you absorbed.”