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Caroline Yoo MFA ’23 Performs in “Sacred Wounds”

In a dark space with bright red and link light, a person is behind bars

Caroline Yoo MFA ’23 with collaborator Kayla Tange performs “Nine, Mine (Man-Eater | 남자 잡아 먹는 여우)” in the online event “Sacred Wounds” on September 2. Curated by Kayla Tange and Wang Newton, “Sacred Wounds” explores traditions, history and truths and how they can be transformed into visionary offerings. The event creates a space for… Read more »

Caroline Yoo

Photograph of Caroline Yoo with the word "FOREIGNER" behind her lit in neon

Caroline Yoo’s past informs her work exploring the boundaries between belonging, othering, and being. Using her body as vessel, she poses questions on larger topics of power structures and embedded cultural norms in relation to immigration, race, gender, and sexuality.