Tag: Katie Rose Pipkin

Immutable Stage: MFA Exhibition

Created within the current political tumult, new works by the 2018 CMU School of Art MFA candidates examine pop culture fantasies of entertainment, capital, and collapse.

KR Pipkin: 24 Hour Water

MFA Candidate KR Pipkin presents an exhibition of new drawings, sculpture, video, and generative work around the idea of digital water.

Highest Grossing Film: The Sequel

Produced alongside the political theatre of 2017, “Highest Grossing Film: The Sequel” approaches issues of capital, entertainment, and collapse.

On The Ground: Katie Rose Pipkin at The 2017 Games Developers Conference

On the Ground is a series featuring research by graduate and undergraduate School of Art students at Carnegie Mellon University that offers a glimpse into the particular contexts, processes, and methods of inquiry that drive their work beyond the confines of the studio. This installment comes from Katie Rose Pipkin, a 2018 Masters of Fine Arts candidate whose is a drawing and language artist from the woods outside of Austin, TX.

Closing Party: The Very Best Deserts on Planet Earth

Closing party during the downtown gallery crawl for the School of Art’s annual First and Second Year MFA exhibition. “The Very Best Deserts”, showcases new work by a diverse group of eleven emerging artists working in a range of methodologies, conceptual frameworks, and media.