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Laura Hudspith MFA ’23 Awarded an Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation Grant

Laura Hudspith MFA ’23 has been awarded an international artist grant from the Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation for the production of her ongoing body of work “Illness and Objecthood,” as she pursues her Masters of Fine Arts at Carnegie Mellon University. These prestigious grants are awarded to artists working in figuration and other representational modes. Foundation… Read more »

Laura Hudspith

Photograph of Laura Hudspith

Laura Hudspith’s interdisciplinary work explores the relationship between chronic illness and feminist action. With a focus in autotheoretical methodologies, her work positions practice, performance, and product as indistinguishable elements that are equally personal and political in nature. Casting and capturing pieces of herself in poetic texts, sculpture and lens-based work, Hudspith enacts rituals of self-imposed objectification where the asomatous is somatically shed and agency reclaimed.