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Shohei Katayama: Shift

Shohei Katayama Shift at Powder Room

“Shift” is an immersive light installation that explores mutable environments in relation to human perception by MFA Candidate Shohei Katayama.

Highest Grossing Film: The Sequel

Produced alongside the political theatre of 2017, “Highest Grossing Film: The Sequel” approaches issues of capital, entertainment, and collapse.

Shohei Katayama

Shohei Katayama uses art as a catalyst for environmental conversations. His work includes line drawings, sculpture, and conceptual installation art that examine the underlying patterns and forces of nature by showcasing unseen relationships in ecology. His work illustrates the disruption that occurs in ecological systems when one component is manipulated.

Closing Party: The Very Best Deserts on Planet Earth

Closing party during the downtown gallery crawl for the School of Art’s annual First and Second Year MFA exhibition. “The Very Best Deserts”, showcases new work by a diverse group of eleven emerging artists working in a range of methodologies, conceptual frameworks, and media.