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Talya Petrillo: Happy House

Talya Petrillo Image for Happy House

“Happy House,” a new exhibition by Talya Petrillo MFA ’20, prods a sugar-coated reaction to the physically and emotionally aversive.

Something Nothing

“Something Nothing” is a presentation of papers by first year MFA candidates.

Talya Petrillo: Emotional (Re)location

Emotional (Re)location, a solo exhibition by MFA Candidate Talya Petrillo, uses sentimentality and satire to question the mental space of loss, acceptance and moments of insanity.

Talya Petrillo

Talya Petrillo’s work is focused on social and psychological paradigms of dwelling. She primarily uses domestic building materials to address sculpture and installation, while calling on her interests in painting and story telling to explore composition and subjectivity.