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Talya Petrillo: Happy House

Talya Petrillo Image for Happy House

“Happy House,” a new exhibition by Talya Petrillo MFA ’20, prods a sugar-coated reaction to the physically and emotionally aversive.

Something Nothing

“Something Nothing” is a presentation of papers by first year MFA candidates.

Talya Petrillo: Emotional (Re)location

Emotional (Re)location, a solo exhibition by MFA Candidate Talya Petrillo, uses sentimentality and satire to question the mental space of loss, acceptance and moments of insanity.

Talya Petrillo

Talya Petrillo is a multidisciplinary artist exploring autobiographical narrative and related observation. Her work history and academic background in psychology encourage her to reach into a consequence of emotion and place through an analysis of material and abstract form.