Graduate Studio Complex
The MFA Program is housed in a new facility exclusively for graduate art students, providing a cohesive space for the community. It includes: 18 individual studios, each approximately 300 square feet with large windows for ample natural light; common study and community areas, a fully-stocked kitchen; and administrative offices. This facility also includes a 1,200 square foot flexible-use space that supports varied coursework, group critiques, roundtable seminars, public programing, and more.
Health and Environmental Safety

Access to the MFA facility, controlled by card swipe access, is limited to graduate students, School of Art faculty and staff, and custodial services, ensuring that only those who need to access the facility are permitted. The facility is equipped with many operable windows and an advanced HVAC system that creates ions in the air to make the filter systems more effective at removing contaminants, including the coronavirus. Additionally, all occupants are required to wear masks, and shared spaces are regularly cleaned and sanitized. Most studio visits are currently being held remotely, but if agreed upon by the student and faculty member, the facility has adequate space to allow for proper physical distancing during in-person meetings.

School of Art Facilities

In addition to the resources of the graduate studio complex, each MFA candidate has access to all the state-of-the-art facilities at the School of Art, including drawing and painting studios, a print media lab, sculpture, wood, and metal shops, a digital fabrication lab, a multimedia studio, and more.

Graduate Gallery

Graduate students exhibit at an off-campus gallery that provides generous space to experiment with large-scale sculpture, immersive environments, interactive installations, site-specific work, new media, performance, video, and everything in between. The space enables graduates to play a more active role in the artistic and cultural dialogue of Pittsburgh while honing their own artistic practice.