Jongwoo Jeremy Kim

Associate Professor of Art History & Theory



Newly appointed as Associate Professor of Critical Studies in the School of Art, Dr. Jongwoo Jeremy Kim is a specialist of modern and contemporary art addressing issues concerning gender, race, and sexuality.

Kim is the author of Painted Men in Britain, 1868-1918: Royal Academicians and Masculinities (2012; 2016). His article “Filming the Queerness of Comfort Women: Byun Young–Joo’s The Murmuring, 1995” was published in positions: asia critique in 2014. Most recently, Kim co-edited with Christopher Reed the interdisciplinary anthology Queer Difficulty in Art and Poetry: Rethinking the Sexed Body in Verse and Visual Culture (2017), which includes his essay on queer temporality and late twentieth-century sculpture, “Now and (N)ever: Robert Gober’s Beeswax Time Machines.” Kim is currently working on his next book, Transplanted: Wandering Body Parts and the Queer Uncanny, which advances current scholarly debates on corporeality, temporality, and the unheimlich by reconfiguring the historical narrative of objects picturing queer bodies that resist coherence and problematize futurity. Artists Transplanted treats include Jean Cocteau, Francis Bacon, Robert Gober, David Hockney, and Andrew Ahn. Ultimately, this book evaluates the “becomings” of modernism and postmodernism through the subversive visuality of queer body politics. Kim serves as President of the Historians of British Art, an international organization for scholars and curators specializing in British art and architecture from every area and period. In 2007, Kim received his Ph.D. in Art History from the Institute of Fine Arts at New York University, where he worked with Linda Nochlin.

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